GBC Difftech introduces a New Concept - The "Enhanced Mini-Materials Analyzer" X-ray Diffractometer incorporating the very latest in design and technology for the Materials Science Industry.

The εMMA is an enhancement of the successful MMA which offers the same compact size together with even more capabilities.

MMA - The Mini-Materials - Analyzer

emma smThe εMMA (enhanced mini-materials analyser) X-Ray Diffractometer although compact in size, offers enhanced capabilities to the end user.

The original design of the MMA included such features as interchangeable parallel beam and focusing geometries, variable radius, provision for multiple detectors, interchangeable optics and many different stages.

These features are all carried over to the εMMA and in addition, the εMMA offers enhanced features such as:

  • θ-θ mode - to maintain a horizontal sample stage, essential for high temperature and non-ambient sample chambers.
  • New advanced microprocessor controller, offering 8 simultaneous axes and Ethernet comms. εMMA has an IP address on a network, and can be driven from any PC on the network, or indeed the Internet, subject to bandwidth and other packet data constraints.
  • New sample stages for large, heavy and bulky samples, in addition to spinning, capillary spinner, and mounting provision for a select few non-ambient stages available from PAAR ®.
  • New primary beam optics such as confocal graded d-spacing mirror for transmission and Capillary modes.
  • New software enhancements - includes an "accessory picker" that allows instant re-calibration after interchange of any beam component for Visual XRD. Traces includes integrations with the latest release of the ICDD databases PDF-2 and PDF-4+.

Much work has been done on thin film, surface analysis, depth profiling and reflectometry using a parallel beam detector with a very fine divergence slit. This gives particularly impressive results when used with the unique Solid-State Peltier-cooled Si PIN Diode detector. This detector offers 3 x - 4 x better sensitivity then the traditional Xe proportional detector with a curved graphite crystal monochromator.

For rapid interchange options, each stage, optic and detector has its own calibration and swapping configurations as easy as selecting a new item from the accessories picker.

picker1              picker2

When is an old XRD system no longer useful? GBC Difftech challenges traditional thinking about this issue and offers life to equipment previously thought of as dead at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new XRD equipment.

The X-ray diffraction technology is also available for upgrading any brand of powder diffractometer systems. These upgrade opportunities include both software and hardware and will provide unmatched automation control and data acquisition. The Difftech 122D provides hardware control and is complemented with the Visual XRD and Traces software.

Automation Software

software automationOf course no hardware control system is complete without comprehensive control and data analysis software. Operating in the Microsoft Windows® environment are two 32 bit software packages; Visual XRD and Traces.

Visual XRD provides control of hardware function of the 122E automation module and XRD system and enable the data acquisition. All scan modes and computer aided setup are available.

Traces is designed to work with real world data and offers a comprehensive data analysis system from background stripping to pattern generation to search/match capability. File formats are open-access compatible ASCII formats allowing interchangeability of data between alternate XRD data analysis software. Traces provides full integration with current releases of ICDD PDF-2 and PDF-4+ databases.

A range of detector and monochromator options are also available. Complementary software packages are available for integration with Traces. These are DSearch, Siroquant, Index and Unit Cell.

Difftech 122D

difftechThe capability is extensive driving theta/2theta coupled or decoupled goniometers, automatic sample loaders and any XRD system. Either single pass or multi-pass scans are possible with unlimited scan times. Measure statistics are optimised as required. The capability also extends to temperature stages, texture and stress goniometers and multiple axes.

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