Liquid Handling for the Life Sciences

Manual Pipettes

Whether you need a basic pipette or one that is state-of-the-art, our pipettes are the choice of leading labs around the world.

Electronic Pipettes

Large color screens and joystick control make E4 XLS electronic pipettes exceptionally flexible, feature rich and user friendly.

High-throughput Pipetting

Liquidator 96 maximizes 96- and 384-well workflow without the need for complicated programming or dedicated technician time.

BioClean Tips

Guaranteed to be free of bio-active components and external contaminates like DNA, DNase, RNase, ATP, pyrogens and PCR inhibitors.

Sample Preparation Tips

PureSpeed's unique "resin in a tip" design offers a convenient, low-cost and semi-automated method for purifying biomolecules.

Specialty Liquid Handling

From positive-displacement pipettes to pipet-controllers and large-volume liquid transfer, Rainin has the right tool for your application.


Improve your data quality with Good Pipetting Practice™ (GPP) – the comprehensive, systematic METTLER TOLEDO approach to maximizing pipetting accuracy and reproducibility.
Organized into five major components, GPP is grounded in Rainin’s more than 40 years of expertise.

Minimize Pipetting Risks with GPP™




Good Pipetting Practice Poster

We are proud to present the Good Pipetting Practice Poster. It covers all relevant topics to enhance operators' technique, among others:

  • The correct immersion depth and angle
  • Pipetting rhythm and speed
  • Hand-warming effects and temperature
  • And many more

Sign up now to receive your Good Pipetting Practice Poster today.

'Stretch' – The Ergonomics Poster

You can order a complimentary copy of the ergonomics 'Stretch' poster: It's full of easy exercises that will take the pain out of your lab work.

  Rainin Product Catalog

Superior Products for Peak Performance

The Rainin product catalog contains detailed information on all our pipettes, tips, specialty products, and service offering. Additionally, it features background information on pipetting mechanics, manufacturing and selection.

Good Pipetting Practice

Optimize Your Pipette Performance

Improve your data quality with Good Pipetting Practice™ (GPP™) – METTLER TOLEDO's comprehensive, systematic approach to maximizing pipetting accuracy and repeatability.

Get better results today!

  LTS™ LiteTouch™ Tip Ejection System

Low Forces Pipetting

The LTS cylindrical design produces a reliable, consistent seal without excessive force. LTS tips are thin-walled and incorporate a small, well-defined seal area and a positive stop. No need to "jam" or pound the shaft into the tip.

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METTLER TOLEDO Service: Pipetting service and results you can trust.

High quality Rainin pipettes, professionally serviced and maintained, are meeting your highest quality expectations crucial to your scientific success, and assure full compliance with your specific regulatory requirements.

  • You want reliable products

Our preventive maintenance and assurance checks help prevent failures before they even occur.

  • You need maximum productivity

We calibrate and maintain your pipettes according to the highest standards to assure maximum equipment uptime.

  • You need calibrated pipettes

Rainin service ensures that the pipettes you use are calibrated and in compliance with quality and regulatory regulations.

  • You demand quality

We supply the know-how and audit-proof documentation for your quality system.

METTLER TOLEDO Service helps you maintain a high level of accuracy by providing manufacturer-recommended measures during all the stages of your pipette's life cycle on most common brands.

To meet your unique service profile we set up our services into these four categories:

Uptime Services for Pipettes and Tips

Express repair, refurbishment, spare parts, help desk


Performance Services for Pipettes and Tips

Installation, configuration, onsite or mail-in preventive maintenance.

Compliance Services for Pipettes and Tips

Qualification with IPac, ISO certification, calibration


Expertise Services for Pipettes and Tips

Technical seminars, application training, custom tailored services


GPP - Good Pipetting Practice

Minimize Workflow-related Risks

GPP™ Risk Check™

Boost the accuracy and reproducibility of your data by understanding workflow-related risks and how to mitigate them. Take five minutes to run through our GPP Risk Check and see where risks lie in your work and workflow.

GPP Risk Check

GPP - Good Pipetting Practice
You can improve your data quality with Good Pipetting Practice – Rainin's comprehensive, systematic approach to maximizing pipetting accuracy and repeatability. GPP is grounded in Rainin's more than 40 years of expertise working side-by-side with researchers to achieve the highest levels of accuracy and precision across all applications. Apply the principles of GPP in your lab, and everyone on your team will:

  • Understand the array of liquid handling instruments and options available
  • Know how to optimize their workflow for each of the liquid handling steps involved
  • Gain the range of pipetting skills necessary to produce reliable data
  • Appreciate how ergonomics can influence data production and their own well being
  • Recognize the risk associated with out-of-calibration pipettes and the role of routine checks vs. professional service.

1 Evaluation
Determine your needs
Understanding your options is the first step toward achieving more reproducible results. A clear idea of your desired workflow and the level of accuracy and precision required will speed your evaluation of applicable tools and technologies.

2 Selection
Get the right tools
The characteristics of liquids you're measuring can profoundly affect pipette performance. Your time and materials are expensive, so making sure that pipettes, tips and related tools are optimized for your application will save money and increase productivity.

3 Installation & Training
Assure proper use
An optimized pipetting system is only as good as the people who use it. Good technique and knowing which techniques to use for various liquids has a profound effect on precision, accuracy and repeatability of your results.

4 Calibration
Manage your risk
Precision pipettes should come with an ISO calibration certificate when purchased, then should be scheduled for regular calibration, based on use. Try our online Risk Check to better understand your risks and how to mitigate them.

5 Routine Operation
Verification and service
Well maintained pipettes, periodic verification and a system for assuring that every pipette in your lab receives regular service is essential to maintaining a high performance environment.

GPP Seminars

METTLER TOLEDO has a comprehensive seminar offering around GPP and risk management in pipetting. Our GPP experts will train you and your team right in your lab. Just fill in the request and we will get back to you to discuss the details.


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