Products and Solutions

Thermal Analysis Excellence

Thermal Analysis Excellence instruments allow you to characterize sample materials over a very wide temperature range.


Thermal Value Excellence

Thermal Value Excellence offers a comprehensive array of simple to use instruments, to quickly and reliably determine thermal data.


Concentration determination with highest precision and productivity. Complete range of titrators and accessories covering most titration applications.


pH-/ Cond-/ DO- / ISE-Meter

Whatever you need to measure, be it pH, ORP, ion concentrations, conductivity or dissolved oxygen

Density Meters

Digital density meters measure density, specific gravity and other related values (I.e. alcohol%, BRIX°, API degrees, Baumé, Plato etc) with high precision and short measuring time.


Electrodes for laboratory and field.

These sensors combine innovative technologies and a tradition in glassblowing for fast pH, ORP, conductivity and dissolved oxygen measurements.


Our refractometer range includes portable (hand held) and benchtop refractometers for refractive index determinations and Brix measurements – all with high precision and short measuring time.




Thermal Analysis Applications

As a leading supplier of TA instrumentation with many years experience in TA applications we have acquired an extremely broad application base.


Thermal Values

The instruments of the Thermal Values line can easily measure the physical properties and phase changes of a material using optical and calorimetric methods.

Titration Applications

The application chemists of the METTLER TOLEDO Analytical Chemistry market support group have prepared more than 500 of ready-made titration applications for use with the wide range of METTLER TOLEDO titrators.


pH-Measurement Application

By choosing the right electrode, instrument and accessories customers can build a dedicated system for their application. A system capable of giving accurate and repeatable results time after time.

Moisture content determinations

Methods for moisture and water content determinations


Density concentration tables

With predefined formulas or concentration tables the density meter converts the measured density value automatically into the desired concentration unit.

Refractive index concentration tables

The refractometers from Mettler Toledo have already built in formulas and concentration tables for the most common applications.


METTLER TOLEDO Service: Analytical measurement excellence assured with our services

Your analytical equipment is a vital component in ensuring that you meet production and financial goals while satisfying customers' quality requirements.

  • You want successful projects

We ensure that your analytical equipment is properly installed, configured, and documented in compliance with local regulations.

  • You strive for efficiency

We train your lab staff on how to operate and maintain your analytical instruments and systems.

  • You want optimized processes

We provide consulting and system integration services to support efficient routine testing.

  • You desire maximum productivity

We maintain your analytical instrument in order to ensure maximum equipment uptime.

  • You need to ensure regulatory compliance

We calibrate your analytical equipment and issue an audit-proof certificate satisfying the requirements of quality systems.
METTLER TOLEDO Service can help you achieve continuous accuracy by offering specific manufacturer approved measures during the entire life cycle of your analytical system from professional installation to environmental friendly disposal.

To meet your unique service profile we set up our services into these four categories:

Uptime Services for Analytical Instruments

Onsite or depot repair, spare parts, help desk


Performance Services for Analytical Instruments

Preventive maintenance, application setup support, installation and configuration

Compliance Services for Analytical Instruments

Comprehensive qualification with EQPac, qualification with IPac, software validation, calibration


Expertise Services for Analytical Instruments

Technical and scientific documentation, user training seminars, application development support

LabX® supports your applications and manages data in a straightforward, fast and secure manner.

Laboratory solutions powered by LabX® enable you to perform daily tasks directly on the instrument.

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Dramatically improve your lab efficiency

Learn how LabX® software brings power to your Excellence Line Balances, Density Meters, Refractometers, and Melting Point Instruments.

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The LabX® titration software allows you to control all your titrators over the network, manage methods with the efficient method editor, review the automatically generated control charts, export automatically to your LIMS and much more. It offers full 21 CFR part 11 support.

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Density Meter and Refractometer

LabX® in connection with LiquiPhysics Excellence Density Meters guarantees to have all data stored centrally and securely. Avoid mistakes by easy data search, customize your own reports and results view. Easily work with large product databases and seamlessly integrate into LIMS or ERP systems.

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Melting Point

LabX® in connection with Excellence Melting Point Systems stores all results and videos. Reanalyze melting point curves, organize comprehensive sample lists and generate customized reports all while fully supporting your regulatory needs.

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pH meter

LabX® direct pH software enhances your portable and bench pH meters by collecting pH, conductivity, and O2 data into various file formats. Inbuilt Excel templates allow to graphically analyze trends.

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