GBC has built on its long tradition of expertise in elemental analysis and has emerged as a major player in Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectroscopy, with rapid market acceptance around the world (over 50 countries) in all the major areas of application, including environmental, agricultural, biological, metallurgical, geological, petrochemical, agricultural, and pharmaceutical analysis.

The Integra and Quantima ICP-OES spectrometers with a range of options and accessories, provide the ideal combination of sensitivity, resolution, speed and wavelength range for every elemental analysis requirement.

Integra XL
integraThe feature-packed Integra XL is a compact sequential ICP which delivers more features, more power and flexibility and greater performance than higher priced competitive systems. The radially-viewed instrument provides detection limits which closely match and for many elements, out-perform those of axially viewed systems in real samples, with all the benefits of a radially viewed system, offering higher sensitivity, greater freedom from chemical and background interferences, minimal ionisation effects and greater dynamic range.

The Integra XL is suitable for a broad range of applications. However, there are a number of application areas which require the minimization of ionisation effects, freedom from chemical and background interferences, wide dynamic range and high sensitivity where the Integra will excel. These include the following application areas:

Agriculture. In particular soil and plant samples, where there can be a significant ionisation effects due to major constituents of the sample, e.g., Ca, and high sensitivity is required for trace element analysis.

Organics and Petrochemical. Organic samples generally have high background levels and as such are unsuitable for axial viewing. A majority of the analyses require high sensitivity and can include applications such as P in edible oils, quality control of lube oils and Pb in unleaded gasoline.

Biological. Blood, serum, urine and tissue samples where there can be significant matrix effects which restrict the capability of an axial system, but high sensitivity is required for essential trace elements or toxic trace elements. 

Geological. Generally involves the analysis of samples with high total dissolved solids, which are more suited to a radially viewed system. This can include analyses such as trace elements in silicate and phosphate rocks or the analysis of rare earth elements which requires not only high sensitivity but also high spectral resolution.

Food and Beverages. This includes sample types such as milk and dairy products where high sensitivity is required for trace analysis and the high Ca levels will cause strong ionisation effects.

  plamsaThe Integra XL also provides outstanding instrument performance in key areas such as:

Automated instrument optimisation. Traditionally a difficulty with ICP because of the interdependence of critical instrument parameters, Integra XL provides a powerful auto-optimisation routine which means that even inexperienced operators can obtain fast and accurate results. Complete computer control of all instrument parameters also allows for accurate diagnostic routines which can alert the user to potential difficulties before they cause problems.

Analysis of difficult matrices (slurries/high salt samples/milk powders/solvents) without time-consuming sample preparation. Fast and easy switching from aqueous to organic matrices.

Linked Multiple Applications in conjunction with an autosampler allows unattended operation. The instrument will automatically set parameters for different methods as required.

Highly stable plasma and fully reproducible methods with mass flow gas controls on all three gas flows, and thermostatted optics to provide ultimate stability, even in non-air-conditioned laboratories.

Powerful Windows® based software, providing a multi-tasking environment with point and click simplicity.


ICP-OES Software
softwareIntegra software brings together nearly two decades of ICP development and the expressed needs of a world-wide user-base in a Windows-based package which provides complete instrument control (over 200 parameters), true multi-tasking capabilities, powerful graphics tools, exhaustive wavelength library, and a range of automated facilities to make the operation of your ICP straightforward.

Set up method files using the familiar interface of the Periodic Table, detailed lists of available wavelengths and potential interferents, and sensible groupings of parameters in an intuitive Notebook format.

Monitor instrument performance using any combination of user-specified or default parameters. Specify your own choice of look and feel by displaying them in any combination of bar graphs, analog meters or digital display.

Context-sensitive on-screen help is only a mouse-click away for all software functions. Reports can be generated internally in customisable formats, or exported to third party software for further manipulations, analysis or interface with your LIMS.


quantima smallQuantima represents a quantum leap in technology.

It is at the forefront of a long tradition of excellence and engineering. Its robustness is only superseded by its reliability and compactness. No matter what the application, the Quantima will analyse faster, more accurately and more cost effectively than ever before!

The Quantima offers many new innovative features including the Plasma Cam and PIP. Patented PIP (Plasma Integrity Protection) significantly reduces parasitic plasma or 'donuts' from melting the torch. The plasma cam allows easy viewing from the PC screen.

The Quantima is very cost effective. At 11 l/min for a typical aqueous sample, this is the lowest Argon consumption of any ICP-OES currently available.

In addition, the Quantima's torch ignition sequence has been greatly improved.The New IIS Intelligent Ignition Startup will vary the plasma startup sequence routine depending on how long the plasma has been off. This enables quicker startup routine for a plasma recently turned off. The Quantima is able to analyse slurry and high dissolve solids without dilutions or digestion to enhance productivity. Organic samples can be directly aspirated without oxygen accessories. With over 32,000 wavelengths for selection and 4pm resolution guaranteed, the Quantima enables analysis of compex matrices.

ICP-OES Accessories
A full range of accessories is available for the Integra XL and the Quantima, including:

SDS-720 Autosampler

sds720 sm The SDS-720 is a fully automated transverse (x,y,z) sampler operated directly from the Quantima software.

An optional rack extension increases the capacity to 720 samples. Used in conjunction with automatic plasma shutdown, it permits true overnight unattended operation. Programmable sampling parameters include measurement time, normalization rate, number of standards, number of samples and rinse times.


Concentric glass nebulizer is standard. Optional inert ceramic V-groove is available for dissolved solids. HF-resistant or Ultrasonic nebulizers are also available. The combination of high nebulizer efficiency and subsequent desolvation by the ultrasonic nebulizer results in sensitivities typically 5 to 20 fold greater than those achieved by conventional pneumatic type nebulizers. Setup is rapid, taking less than one minute to interchange from Integra's and Quantima's standard set of sample introduction components and operation is simplified with automatic temperature control of the heating and cooling functions. The compact design allows you to conveniently place the ultrasonic nebulizer on Integra's standard built-in bench, ensuring optimum use of your laboratory space. There is an optional bench for the Quantima.

Hydride System  

Use the HG3000PII generator for the determination of sub parts per billion of hydride forming elements such as As, Sb, Se, Bi, Sn, Ge, and Hg. The HG3000PII hydride generator accessory incorporates precision glassware for highly efficient mixing of reactants and gas liquid separation to ensure reproductibility and high sensitivity. This easy to use accessory takes less than a minute to interchange from the Integra and Quantima standard set of sample introduction components and is totally made from inert polypropylene material for long lasting performance, essential in highly corrosive environments.

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