GBC is a world leader in the development and manufacture of atomic absorption spectrometers, with over thirty years of experience in supplying the needs of the global elemental analysis market.

The current range of AA spectrometers includes the superlative SavantAA series, offering fully automated multi-element capabilities for flame, hydride and/or furnace with D2 background correction. The SavantAA Zeeman offers second generation Zeeman Effect Graphite Furnace analyses.

The SensAA range offers touch screen technology whilst the lightweight XplorAA AAS can be controlled by Palm Pilot technology.

For all three AAS ranges there is a complete range of accessories available to further expand the capability of these instruments including graphite furnace system, hydride system, mercury concentrator, lamps and autosamplers.

All controlled by our own fully featured Windows® Vista based software.

State-of-the-Art Zeeman-effect AAS
The SavantAA Zeeman combines the longitudinal Zeeman-effect with programmable magnetic field strength, transverse heating of the graphite tube and the latest in surface-mount technology to give a uniquely superior graphite furnace atomic absorption instrument.
Advanced Features

  • Lightning fast background correction.
  • Optimal magnetic field strengths are used for each element maximizing sensitivity and dynamic range
  • Self-aligning graphite tubes offer simplicity of operation.
  • Programmable gas controls switch gases during the temperature program, allowing different ashing techniques.
  • Automatic lamp selection and alignment of the eight lamp turret allows up to twenty elements to be analysed in an unattended, multi-element analysis.
  • Built-in Super Lamp capability for 1 or 4 lamps offers improvements in detection limit, sensitivity and calibration linearity.
  • High capacity Programmable Auto Sampler PAL 4000 with 60 or 150 sample positions, ten modifier positions and bulk standard positions.
  • Innovative design employing radical developments in technology has lead to the introduction of a superior zeeman-effect graphite furnace system. The incorporation of a workhead which delivers a high magnetic field with variable field strength was essential to meet these criteria and surpass the performance of existing technologies.
    8 lamp turret with auto lamp alignment.
  • Variable slit width from 0.1 to 2.0 nm in 0.1 nm increments.
  • Variable Magnetic Field adjustment from 0.6 to 1.1 Tesla in 0.1 tesla increments.
  • Electronic Sample Viewing which allows colour viewing of grahite furnace allowing viewing of sample deposition, sample drying, ashing and atomization.
    USB communications.

The SavantAA Zeeman offers the greatest dynamic range and best detection limits of any zeeman-effect atomic absorption spectrometer. Detection limits that even out perform all axial ICP-OES instruments for crucial elements such as As, Se, Pb, Tl and Sb.

In addition, the SavantAA Zeeman offers the further benefits of reduced operating costs and enhanced productivity. Analyse your samples once and minimize your analysis costs.

This system offers nothing less than unprecedented ease-of-use and superior performance. The SavantAA Zeeman and the SavantAA Windows® Vista based software offer the ultimate combination of power and simplicity.

The SavantAA AAS

A true double-beam spectrometer. The SavantAA can be configured to exactly meet your analytical and budgetary requirements. The basic instrument includes advanced features such as programmable gasbox, 8 lamp turret with auto alignment of lamps, optimization of wavelength and slit width and setting of the lamp current. The instrument building blocks include the optional Super Lamp Power supply for 1 or 4 lamps, the optional coded lamp recognition, the optional automatic burner rotation and optional Electronic Sample Viewing which allows real time colour viewing of sample compartment, a must for graphite furnace analysis.

The SavantAA is also available as the SavantAA No Flame which is without a gasbox allowing a dedicated graphite furnace or hydride AAS.

The SavantAA is controlled by the SavantAA Windows® Vista based software offering the ultimate combination of power and simplicity.

Advanced Features

  • Eight lamp fully automated turret with auto alignment of lamps for sequential multi-element analysis.
  • Programmable flame control with ten safety interlocks provides reproducible operation with gas flows automatically set when changing methods.
  • All-reflective optics for high light throughput.
  • Automatic wavelength setting, 185 to 900 nm.
  • Continuously adjustable slit width 0.1 to 2.0 nm in 0.1 nm increments in both normal and reduced height with automatic setting.
  • Asymmetric modulation reduces noise by up to 40%.
  • Hyper Pulse fast background correction provides 175-423 nm correction range, at up to 2.5 Abs.
  • Optional Coded lamp recongnition.
  • Optional 1 or 4 Super Lamp Power Supply.
  • Optional Automatic burner rotation.
  • USB communications.

The SavantAA Σ AAS

SavantAA Sigma AASThe SavantAA Σ (pronounced SavantAA Sigma) is our top-of-the-range AAS. It is a state-of-the-art fully automated, multi-element, true double beam instrument with all-reflective optics. It is fully computer-controlled, including the burner adjuster, burner rotation, Super Lamp Power Supply, Electronic Sample Viewing, Lamp optimization, wavelength and slit setting and gas control, using SavantAA Windows® Vista based software.

Advanced Features

  • Eight lamp fully automated turret with auto alignment of lamps for sequential multi-element analysis.
  • Programmable flame control with ten safety interlocks provides reproducible operation with gas flows automatically set when changing methods.
  • All-reflective optics for high light throughput.
  • Automatic wavelength setting, 175 to 900 nm.
  • Continuously adjustable slit width 0.1 to 2.0 nm in 0.1 nm increments in both normal and reduced height with automatic setting.
  • Asymmetric modulation reduces noise by up to 40%.
  • Hyper Pulse fast background correction provides 175-423 nm correction range, at up to 2.5 Abs.
  • Coded lamp recongnition.
  • Super Lamp Power Supply for 1 lamp (optional 4 lamp SLPS).
  • Motorised workhead adjuster.
  • Automatic burner rotation.
  • USB communications.

The SavantAA Σ is controlled by the SavantAA Windows® Vista based software offering the ultimate combination of power and simplicity.

SensA A

SensAANew AAS Design Incorporates Touch Screen Technology…

GBC Scientific Equipment introduces the latest Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, the SensAA. The SensAA is new in every aspect from the ground up - from its performance to its looks and functionality. It may be our low cost AAS but its performace exceeds many top of the range products in the marketplace.

By improving the optics and electronics design the wavelength has been extended (175 to 900 nm). The D2 range has also been extended (175 to 425 nm) thereby enabling more elements to be analyzed using D2 background correction. The slit width is now adjustable from 0.1 to 2.0 nm in 0.1 increments thus effectively allowing 20 slit width settings with normal slit height plus 20 slit width settings with reduced slit height.
The SensAA series sets new pre-requisites wth the new Hyper-Pulse Background Correction that allows for more accurate interpolation of "Transient Signals" such as GF signals. The new GCM (gas control module) is fully interlocked with the new fully integrated Spray chamber/liquid trap for added safety.
The heart of the SensAA is the patented Application Source which addresses new levels of performance, simplicity and cost savings in AA spectrometry.

The SensAA offers touch screen technology and true uncompromised multi-element analysis, returning the highest integrity in results at a fraction of the cost of traditional means. Designed around simplicity, users no longer need to change lamps when changing elements, enabling seamless operation. Application Source offers dramatic savings in source lamp costs and the high intensity D2 lamp offers unrivalled lifetime performance with enhanced operation of up to 1000 hours, even at full current.

The SensAA is supplied with an inbuilt P4 computer and touch screen technology. A large 15" colour screen allows clarity of use and also ease of inputting data and executing commands to the SensAA software. No more keyboards or mouse wires to get tangled with acidic sample solutions. Point and analyze! An inbuilt software keyboard is also available where text is required to be entered by using standard Windows® XP as the operating system then any Windows® software package can also be loaded into the SensAA further extending its fuctionality. As always GBC AAS accessories are interchangeable and can be used on the SensAA.

The SensAA has a smaller foot print than the 932 spectrometer it supersedes. Add to this space saving the fact that the computer is already included inside the SensAA and the result is significant bench spacing. You can have 2 SensAAs in the space where 1 AAS and computer would sit.

A retractable sample holder has also been included free of charge.

The SensAA - Sensitive to the Touch, Sensitive to Your Environment, Sensitive to Your Analysis

For further infromation, please contact GBC Head Office or your local GBC office.


XplorAATest the boundaries with the new robust XplorAA!

Suitable for use in the following industries: Agriculture, Biochemistry, Environment, Food Products, Forensic Chemistry, Geochemistry, Industrial Analysis, Metallurgy, Petrochemistry, Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics, Universities, Colleges and Research Establishments.
The XplorAA offers Hyper-Pulse Background Correction

  • Extra warm up lamp position
  • Fully Integrated Liquid Trap
  • New state of the art GCM (Gas Control Module)
  • Windows Option
  • Lightweight for Easy Portability

The XplorAA delivers results in the palm of your hand!

With the use of palm pilot technology for AAS functionality, you can now read the results in the palm of your hand.


AAS Software

All current GBC AA spectrometers can be operated via the powerful SavantAA Windows® Vista software package (which is also available as an upgrade to the Avanta range, SensAA range, XplorAA range, 933/2 range, and 906/908/909 range). Reflecting a deep understanding of user requirements, SavantAA software offers unmatched power and capability, with a simplified graphical interface.

Analytical features include calibration with up to ten standards, using exact fit curve correction, least squares, linear least squares, standards addition or bracketing standards. Complete quality controls include check samples, spike recoveries, calibration failure, and QC limits.

Meeting the needs of verification and validation processes, the SavantAA software includes full compliance with requirements for electronic records and signatures. Full auditable activity histories are recorded for good management practices.

Other powerful features include Intelligent Lamp Warmup, Remaining Time for completion of Analysis and Turn key solutions. This facilty allows any specific Method File, Sample File, Results File, Instrument Setting or any other file to be directly assigned to an ICON on your PC. A user simply needs to click on this icon and the desired file is opened automatically.

Also there is a comprehensive report writing, quality control protocols and simplified networking capabilities. Full use is made of the multi-tasking facilities of Windows® Vista to dramatically increase laboratory productivity.


System 5000

The GBC System 5000 is an automated graphite furnace system which may be used with any GBC AAS and provides determination capability to sub-ppb concentrations for most elements. The furnace system includes the GF5000 graphite furnace power supply and workhead plus the PAL programmable automatic sample loader. The system is controlled by the AAS system software.

Use ESV to watch your sample inject, dry, ash and even atomise during the furnace program. Method development has never been this easy. ESV comes standard with the SavantAA Zeeman and SavantAA Σ and is optional with the SavantAA. Contact us to learn more.

GF 5000 Graphite Furnace

GF 5000 Graphite Furnace The furnace assembly includes graphite tube (complete with platform for reduced chemical interferences, if required) mounted in an enclosure with quartz windows.

It can be used in conjunction with any GBC AAS. Installation is simple, with a permanent attachment to the power supply by an umbilical cord which contains all necessary connections including gas, cooling water and electrical supplies. The temperature range of ambient to 3000° C is computer controlled with a maximum ramp rate of 2000°C/sec.

PAL Furnace Autosampler

PAL Furnace Autosampler The sampler is an essential component of the furnace system and each accommodates around 40 samples and 10 pre-mixed standards, plus one stock solution for automatic mixing of up to 10 standards. Multiple carousels can be used in an analysis.

Dispensed volume is up to 100 µL, programmable in 1 µL increments. Program options include automatic mixing of standards, automatic injection of chemical modifiers, multiple injection, heated injection, plus complete re-slope, re-calibration, check sample or spike recovery routines.

SDS-720 Delivery System

SDS-720 Sample Delivery System and PS-720 DILUTER The SDS-720 is an XYZ autosampler system for flame AAS, ICP or ICP MS. It can be used for flame analysis, hydride generation, mercury cold vapour analysis and with the MC 3000 mercury concentrator. It can also be used with the Autosipper with the Cintra 202, 303 or 404.

The SDS-720 is a precision engineered X-Y-Z autosampler. The SDS-720 provides accurate and fast analysis due to its durable, simple, adaptable, reliable and sturdy design. Supplied with sample racks to hold 240 sample vials each of approximately 14 mL and a standards rack to hold 10 standard vials each with a volume of approximately 50 mL. Plastic sample and standard vials are supplied. PTFE and PEEK is used to provide a metal free liquid flow path. Variable continuous flow sample probe rinse station with peristaltic pump minimizes sample contamination and carryover. An inert spill rack which prevents any solution inadvertently spilling over the autosampler or your laboratory.

The SDS-720 is now 40% faster than the superseded model and provides unmatched productivity with full random access capability from a small footprint.

A variable built in peristaltic pump provides trouble free continuous stream of clean rinse solution.
SDS-720 Sample Delivery System and PS-720 DILUTER

PS-720 Auto Dilutor

The PS-720 is used in combination with the SDS-720 auto-sampler, removing the need for manual standard and sample preparation and sample dilution for flame and hydride applications. The PS-720 is totally controlled through the SavantAA software enabling true fully-automated analysis. Simple and reliable automation of standard additions and spike recovery, or sample matrix modification through the addition of up to two chemical modifier solutions provides hands-off operation and versatility. The ability to work in combination with Automatic Burner Rotation (ABR) extends the dynamic range beyond that of other dilution systems.

HG3000 HG3000 Hydride System and EHG3000 Electric Cell Heater

The HG3000 Hydride generator forms part of a complete hydride system which can be used in conjunction with any GBC AAS for trace level analysis of the hydride forming elements (arsenic, selenium, antimony, bismuth, tellurium, tin, germanium and lead at parts per billion concentration level), and mercury by the cold vapour method. Detection limits of 1 ppb are routinely achievable. Typical sample throughput is around 60 samples per hour taking three replicate measurements, with a typical precision of 1%.

The quartz cell used for hydride analysis can be heated by flame, or by the optional EHG3000 electric cell heater. The EHG3000 provides a temperature controlled electric heating blanket to heat the quartz cell, and includes power supply, temperature controller and workhead. The EHG3000 provides more accurate temperature control than is possible with flame heating.

MC3000 Mercury Concentrator

The MC3000 mercury concentrator is used in conjunction with the HG3000 and adds parts per trillion capability to the hydride system for the analysis of mercury vapour, using a gold amalgam as the concentrating medium. The MC3000 consists of a power supply and workhead with built in gold foil trap and a quartz absorption cell. It is controlled by the AAS software, which provides programmable load time, number of replicates, flush time and clean.

Atom Trap

Enhance sensitivity for certain elements using the GBC Atom Trap. The Atom Trap is a flame-heated quartz cell which is placed in the optical path. It enhances sensitivity by providing a longer residence time for the analyte in the excitation zone.

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