Protein tests measure cleaning effectiveness by detecting protein residues left on food contact surfaces after cleaning.  FLASH is a visually interpretive protein test producing results in less than five seconds, allowing corrective action to be taken immediately. The colorimetric assay provides a distinct color change from yellow to blue in the presence of protein, providing unequivocal results independent of operator interpretation.  FLASH requires no instrumentation and can be used by all personnel without extensive training. 


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 The LIGHTNING MVP® is the only multi-variable platform for measuring ATP and other critical HACCP parameters.  ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is a molecule for energy storage used by all living cells.  It is found in food processing and preparation areas from food residues and microorganisms.  ATP is measured via an enzymatic bioluminescent reaction. When ATP is combined with luciferin/luciferase, light is emitted.  The amount of light produced is directly proportional to the level of contamination.  ATP is an indicator of overall surface hygiene and cleaning efficacy used by food processors around the world.  Results are available within seconds, allowing for real-time decision making and corrective action.  The patented design of the MVP sampling device ensures a high degree of accuracy, even in the presence of sanitizers.  The LIGHTNING MVP also measures pH, temperature, conductivity, and sanitizer concentrations, reducing the need for multiple instruments in the plant.


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