Flasks Erlenmeyer, with SJ
  Flasks with flat bottom and SJ
  Flasks with round bottom and SJ
Flasks micro with round bottom, SJ
  Flasks heart shape with SJ
  Dropping flask with SJ
Flasks distilling, round bottom, two lateral necks SJ
  Flasks with round bottom, one oblique neck SJ
  Flasks sulphonating with three lateral necks SJ
Standard joint, cone
  Standard joint, socket
  Standard joint, socket
Screw joint GL
  Joint (adapter) SJ – GL
  Adapter, reduction
Reduction inverted
  Adapter with bended tube, cone SJ
  Adapter with stopcock and bended tube, with SJ
Bend recovery, sloping, angle 75°, two SJ cones
  Bend recovery, sloping, angle 75°, SJ cone and socket
  Bend recovery, sloping, angle 90°, SJ cone and socket
Splash head vertical, with separatory dropping funnel (bridge – shaped)
  Adapter distilling with drop catcher, with SJ distilling head
  Stillhead with thermometer socket SJ 14/23 (bridge – shaped)
Splash head
  Security funnel
  Adapter to rinse SJ 29/32 with rubber joint
Distillation head Claisen, with SJ
  Receiver with SJ
  Receiver with (side) hose connection, with SJ
Adapter multiple two necks parallel, one with SJ 29/32
  Stopcock, straight bore, massive key
  Stopcock, T – bore
Stopcock for burette
  Stopcock, high vacuum, straight bore
  Stopper mushroom
Stopper hexagonal, hollow with SJ
  Stopper with heart shape knob, hollow, with SJ
  Stopper octagonal, SJ
Stopper PE with octagonal knob, SJ
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